Hypnosis Coaching
by Ellen Iris Rubin

Welcome to my Life Coaching and Hypnosis Aachen page! As an experienced hypnosis coach, I accompany you on your inner journey to unfold your personality and support you in making clear decisions and exploring new paths. From heart to heart and on an equal footing! You will find peace again and feel inner serenity. You will learn to overcome fears and blockages, handle stressful situations, and strengthen your self-esteem. I am also specialized in topics such as smoking cessation, weight reduction, and exam anxieties. Let us together harness the gentle power of hypnosis to bring about positive changes in your life. Look forward to individual and empathetic guidance on your path to increased quality of life and inner balance. Feel free to contact me for an informal conversation and embark on your journey to a fulfilled life!

Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis will help you find access to your feelings, stored experiences and your inner sources of strength. In deep relaxation, blockages can be released and new liberating paths can be taken.

Inner Peace

The inner peace and serenity have a strengthening effect on the immune system. In this way, healing processes can be supported and initiated.

Believe in Yourself

I am happy to accompany you on the way to get closer to yourself and to appreciate yourself as a unique person who sees his life for what it is. It is a wonderful gift!
“In hypnosis you have the opportunity to achieve goals more easily and effectively through the power of inner imagination, belief in yourself and your self-efficacy.”

- Ellen Iris Rubin

Ellen Iris RUBIN

Vice President German Society for Hypnotherapy (e.V.)
Psychological counselor
Lecturer for autogenic training
Reiki Master
ellen iris rubin hypnosecoaching aachen
Hypnosis is accompanying and supporting therapy, but does not replace medical treatment!
“You can find the resources you need in your own story”

- Milton Erickson

What is Life Coaching and Hypnosis?

Cancellation Fee

If you cannot keep an agreed appointment, please cancel it in good time. Since I reserve space and time for you, I ask for your understanding that I have to charge 100% for deadlines. Cancellations of appointments at least 48 hours before the agreed date will be charged with 50%.
Unfortunately, the health insurers do not cover the costs. However, as a self-payer you have the advantage of being able to determine which procedure you want and you do not have to wait long. Payment is made immediately after each session.