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Looking Ahead: The Importance of Looking Back on Our Past

I have modified the well-known saying that one should look ahead and not back. 😉

The past may lie behind us, but merely focusing on the future and ignoring our past life would be a pity.

However, this doesn’t mean you should dwell in painful memories. As long as the past still hurts, triggering negative emotions and oppressive inner images, you haven’t completed your learning task.

But if you look back and feel that you can breathe freely again, and you can view situations with calmness and composure, then the path to the future is clear, especially embracing the lightheartedness of the present moment.

You might even feel a profound inner gratitude within you, for it is precisely the painful and challenging experiences that are part of our lives, which allow us to mature and grow stronger. You are not a victim!

Therefore, occasionally taking a retrospective look can be beneficial to understand where you currently stand! Your subconscious can be very helpful in this, as well as Life Coaching with Hypnosis.
With ❤️ Ellen